Thank you for participating in the first Meridian Impact East Summit. The enthusiastic and thought-provoking discussions contributed to the success of the event. Below are resources and key takeaways you may find useful. The presentations are also available to download in PDF format (right side of the screen). We are grateful for the opportunity to spend time with you to better understand your needs. We look forward to future opportunities for collaboration and education. We hope you will attend our next Summit!

Event Highlights

The Magic of xAPI Made Easy
The Magic of xAPI is a catalyst to change the way we think about training and instructional design. dominKnow showed us how easy it can be to create xAPI compliant courses, while Meridian shared what you can do with the data captured by making use of our built-in LRS (Learning Record Store). Here are additional resources from dominKnow regarding the topic of xAPI: .

Meridian Technology Roadmap
Our product team discussed future plans for the Meridian LMS. We appreciate everyone's feedback and thoughts regarding our capabilities. On the horizon will be more tools and ways to help your learners and business succeed.

Re-Skilling in the Age of Digital Transformation
Amazing data visualizations and analysis were brought to life through 9Lenses. Tom Hessen, CEO of 9 Lenses showed how easy it can be to identify knowledge and skill gaps, and the ability to easily share them in a meaningful way.

Roundtable Discussion: Marketing Your LMS for Increased Learner Engagement
With all of these incredible tools, we moved into discussions on how to market your LMS to your learners so you can increase usage and in turn improve the lives of your learners.

Competency Based Training: Meridian Client Presentation
Kathy Gales and Niyoka McCoy of K12 Inc. shared their research-driven initiative to implement "Peer Reviewed Competency Based Learning". This program used connections between Meridian and another platform, Peergrade, to manage a large number of peer reviewed tasks. They even shared next steps as they improve and grow their program.

Learning Round Table Discussions
Roundtable discussions gave everyone a chance to talk through some struggles they have in their learning programs. Some great ideas were exchanged on the topics of on-boarding best practices, content authoring pros and cons, and ways to assure that learners meet their objectives.

Magic of xAPI Presentation

Product Roadmap Presentation

Re-skilling Presentation

Marketing Your LMS Roundtable Presentation

Competency Based Training Presentation

Learning Round Table Discussions Presentation