Top 12 Best Practices in Creating Accessible Content

Ensure Accessibility in Your Training Programs

Creating an inclusive learning environment is essential for fostering engagement and ensuring all employees can fully participate in training programs. Meridian Knowledge Solutions is dedicated to providing an LMS that meets the highest accessibility standards, making it possible for everyone, regardless of their abilities, to benefit from our platform. Our infographic guides you through implementing and maintaining accessible training programs.

Why Choose Meridian LMS for Accessible Learning?

  • Compliance with Standards: Ensure your training programs meet ADA, Section 508, and WCAG standards with our built-in accessibility features.
  • Inclusive Design: Our LMS is designed to be user-friendly for all learners, including those with disabilities.
  • Customizable Accessibility Options: Tailor accessibility settings to meet your organization's and learners' specific needs.
  • Comprehensive Support: Access resources and support to help you implement and maintain accessible training programs.
  • Detailed Reporting: Track and measure accessibility compliance with robust reporting tools.

Download Our Free Accessibility Infographic

Discover how Meridian LMS can help you create inclusive and accessible training programs. Our free infographic provides a visual overview of the key steps and considerations for ensuring your training meets the highest accessibility standards.

Download The Importance of Accessibility in Learning: Top 12 Best Practices

Meridian LMS Accessibility-infographic