Top LMS for the construction industry

Construction firms and companies related to the industry, such as those that manufacture and deliver construction supplies and safety equipment, as well as organizations that are responsible for the permitting & inspection of projects, are critical to the nation’s economy and its ability to maintain critical infrastructure. 

80% of U.S. general contractors struggle to find qualified workers*


Annually, the construction industry needs millions to have access to critical skills training. These learning programs, continuing education units and certifications give individuals the knowledge they need to sustain and grow their careers.


7.2M number of construction positions in the U.S.**

*Construction Global Magazine, April 2020
** U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics

Addressing Workforce Challenges

Today’s engineering and construction companies need to recruit and train workers  to meet expected demand. Aging workers and turnover means that companies need to engage staff and offer training opportunities to boost retention and expand their skill sets with:

  • Training partnerships with key associations and educational institutions
  • Measurement of learning outcomes and knowledge, not just training completions
  • Alerts when training opportunities for new skills become available


Construction firms will also be better prepared for safety and compliance audits with Meridian, as training records are always inspection-ready via a central platform.

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Learning on the Go

Meridian LMS provides workers whose jobs require them to be on job sites with the necessary flexibility to receive learning alerts and launch content for training anytime, anywhere. Now…


  • Companies can offer learning to upskill workers on the job
  • Managers have access to data to measure staff knowledge levels
  • Firms can ensure that staff and subcontractors alike are properly trained to boost compliance and safety
  • Supervisors can assign training, as needed, to learners
  • Track learning that occurs outside of the LMS via robust xAPI capabilities


With the Meridian LMS, construction and engineering organizations can drive growth as they are better positioned to train a new generation of workers, decrease compliance risks, and create a safer work environment for their crews.