Best LMS for Healthcare, Medical and Telemedicine 2023 review award

Healthcare organizations face many challenges, such as high employee turnover, budget constraints and a shortage of skilled workers. At the same time, they need to focus on their core mission of delivering quality care and increasing patient satisfaction.


1/3 of nurses to reach retirement age in 10-15 years.*

Learning is key to any healthcare organization’s success. Staff turnover and high rates of absenteeism typically mean lower quality of patient care. A robust LMS for healthcare institutions can help overcome learning challenges, mitigate risks, ensure compliance as well as increase employee and patient satisfaction.

58% of hospital staff in one survey left jobs due to long hours & burnout.**


* American Nursing Association data
** LFT Industry Survey: Hospital Staff Hiring & Turnover

Manage regulatory training & assure healthcare compliance

Meridian’s learning management system offers rich features and extensive reporting capabilities to help manage regulatory training, and support compliance audits. Meridian’s platform makes it easy for you to meet healthcare regulations and compliance requirements of the Joint Commission, HIPAA, OSHA and more. With Meridian LMS you can:

  • Manage employee healthcare certifications and accreditations
  • Increase staff competencies
  • Adhere to rigorous security requirements
  • Gain actionable insights via compliance dashboards
  • Utilize notifications to remind employees of training due
  • Enable staff to plan their career via our Career Explorer
  • Identify and develop the leaders of tomorrow
  • Protect sensitive data and privacy of personnel information
Desktop screen and a phone screen showing the reporting view in Meridian's LMS

Engaging Patients and the Community.

In addition to being a corporate learning management system, Meridian also supports healthcare training software solutions such as external learning and training created for patients, suppliers and the community.

Learning for workers on the move.

Meridian’s advanced mobile capabilities give on the go healthcare workers access to flexible training via any mobile device. Now your learners and their supervisors can:

  • Quickly train and onboard new personnel
  • Effectively conduct bedside assessments
  • Improve staff performance and patient satisfaction

Provide your workforce with the knowledge they need to improve patient outcomes.