Meridian helps complex organizations better manage compliance training to meet government regulations, adhere to industry standards and track qualifications and certifications.

With Meridian LMS you can:

  • Track compliance across your entire ecosystem
  • Comply with industry rules on electronic records
  • Align learning with business processes and SOPs
  • Meet 21 CFR Part 11 software functionality requirements via e-signatures, version & revision control plus auditing & reporting capabilities
  • Utilize notifications to remind employees of training deadlines
  • Gain actionable insights via compliance dashboards

Training records are nearly always reviewed during a regulatory inspection. Ensure that your compliance training is proactive and inspection-ready, not reactive only after an audit occurs.

If you are ready to find a learning management system that is the best of breed for compliance, complete the form to access our Compliance Toolkit. The compliance toolkit comes with the following 3 downloadable resources:

  • "Compliance Training, Turning Risk into Opportunity" A white paper on the 3 absolutes of compliance training
  • "Compliance Training Cannot Succeed Without an LMS" a brief by Training Industry
  • "7 Steps in Selecting an LMS", a helpful guide to help you answer some critical questions during your search for the right LMS vendor.

Discover how Meridian LMS makes regulatory training and reporting effective and efficient.

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