3 key business objectives to align your training programs in 2022

Thank you for your interest in Meridian Knowledge Solutions & OpenSesame's joint webinar that discussed how training can help to reduce risk, support your workforce and extend your business reach in 2022.

Starting the new year in alignment with the top business priorities is critical to the overall health of your organization. Fill out the form to get your copy of the powerpoint presentation from the webinar. Below are the topics discussed in the webinar along with additional supplemental material:

  • How training can, directly and indirectly, help with the reduction of risk:
    • Learn the ways training can help you can measure efforts tied to the reduction of risk.
  • How to support your workforce by meeting them where they are and why this matters:
    • Develop your workforce by providing context behind the content.
  •  How extending your business reach can ensure the financial health of  the organization through training efforts
    • Learn the various ways other businesses utilize training to extend their business beyond their employees and capitalize on those efforts.
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Senior Manager of Curation of OpenSesame

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Corporate Compliance LMS

Direct & Indirect Risk Reduction

There are various ways direct and indirect risk reduction can be tied to training. What are the various compliance training programs you have and what purpose do they serve the company? Who is responsible for tracking compliance? What could you provide them to help proactively manage that risk? What could they provide you to help monitor for alignment to compliance objectives?

Here are some resources to help you identify direct and indirect ways to quantify risk reduction at your organization:

  • Some ways to measure the reduction of risk include:
    • Reducing frequency: what ways did we reduce the frequency of risk. How did your training directly or indirectly affect those frequencies? Compare post-training to previous training or yearly progress.
    • Reducing consequences of certain activities. The measures can be of a technical, operational, and/or organizational nature. Choosing the types of measures is normally based on a broad evaluation, where risk aspects are considered. Emphasis should be put on an integrated evaluation of the total effects that any risk-reducing measures may have on the risk.
  • Podcasts around the topic of compliance such as the ones suggested in this compiled list here: https://mco.mycomplianceoffice.com/blog/compliance-podcasts-you-should-listen-to
  • Checklist for the 7 Elements of an Effective Compliance Program under the framework established by the Office of the Inspector General (OIG)

Supporting Your Workforce

When developing training, create learning programs that provide context, and not just the content. The material should reach and support your diverse learner populations. At the same time, engage those individuals to meet them where they are to develop specific competencies. Some of the ways to address competencies include:

  • Content curation specified towards desired competencies, like SmartPath by OpenSesame.
  • Pre-post survey
  • Programs for continuous improvement
  • career pathing

Learn more about career pathing, download our career explorer brochure.


supproting your workforce through training
corporate compliance training Checklist

Extending Your Business Reach

Extend your business reach to your partners, clients or resellers.  Some of the LMS features used to help extend your business in a scalable way include:

  • Ability to segment user populations using various domains
  • Ability to push specific courses to specific segments
  • Ability to scale training using reusable content
  • eCommerce

Meridian LMS can integrate with tools such as your CRM. Download the brochure to learn more about Meridian Salesforce integration.

Preparation. Performance. Progress.

Meridian's award-winning learning management system is a learning suite designed for commercial and government organizations with complex training needs for their internal and external users. Watch the short video to learn why clients like the Georgia Department of Community Health chose Meridian LMS to help them prepare their workforce, manage performance and help progress their organization into an engaged learning culture.

"Given our many integration needs, Meridian made it possible to customize the solution to meet our complex needs. We serve both individuals and institutions, so the needs are varied."

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"When looking for an enterprise LMS solution, we knew we needed to integrate five of our systems with the LMS and wanted unique customizations so the LMS would meet our needs. Meridian provided that ability to make it our own."

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