Learners and end users rightly expect a consumer-grade experience when they engage in their learning and development, which is why LMS content personalization is so important for today’s learners.

They are looking for personalized recommendations that say:

“If you liked this particular piece of content, or this particular course, then you will  probably like the following courses as well.”

“Other people like you have taken this course, and they’ve gone on to take the following courses.”

It’s those peer-to-peer recommendations that play a vital role in terms of providing that consumer-grade experience, along with an overall aesthetically pleasing environment. You don’t want it to be too cluttered, or too dated - you want it to be sleek and appealing for your learners and end users.

That consumer-grade experience will allow them to stay in the environment longer and gain more benefits from the overall training program - an experience that we at Meridian can provide.

"Learners and end users expect a consumer-grade experience...in their learning and development..." 

-Paul Terry, COO at Meridian Knowledge Solutions