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Meridian Knowledge Solutions and OpenSesame joined forces to share their insights into what's hot and not in the learning and development industry. Listen as they explore L&D trends 2021 based on research from training industry analysts. They will review the results of the Global Sentiment Survey run annually and sponsored by OpenSesame. The survey is conducted globally, representing 95 countries with over 3,000+ respondents. Respondents chose 3 out of 16 L&D topics on which to focus their answers. They will focus on some key things:

  • 2021 Survey results from Donald Taylor at the Performance Institute
  • Key themes
  • The Covid Effect
  • What the results mean for the future of L&D

The annual survey is in its 8th year and uncovers some topics resonating with learning and development professionals today. One of the key findings in the survey shows that reskilling and upskilling are the top concerns of most respondents.