There are a number of important things to consider when evaluating your online learning environment. First, you want to consider the environment itself:

  • Will it be hosted on site?
  • Will you be part of a multi-tenant environment?
  • Will you be part of a single-tenant environment hosted by the provider?

While many organizations prefer to host their LMS into the cloud with a multi-tenant hosted solution, many of our government clients prefer to host on premise or in their own private cloud due to their unique requirements and specifications. Yet few learning management environments can accommodate that flexibility.

It’s an example of where a “one size fits all” LMS is not always the best solution to meet your unique needs.

Meridian’s approach to LMS customization

We take that spirit of meeting our clients where they are further with regard to the software itself. We have the ability to customize the software to meet your needs, rather than you feeling limited by being part of a monolithic SAAS or multi-tenant environment that doesn’t give you that flexibility that you need.

Providing LMS customizations means you can leverage your learning platform in order to:

  • Meet your business objectives
  • Reach a broader audience
  • Provide more relevant material

These can range from how your facility is doing - with regard to certain clients’ needs or how individuals or teams are doing with meeting their training or business objectives - to tying everything back to a single system of record.

The key is to know when to apply the right LMS customizations to meet your organization’s unique requirements.

Acquiring the tool isn’t enough. Having the expertise to use it is critical.

We’ve often compared the process of selecting and purchasing software to be much like purchasing a musical instrument such as a piano. One can define what you need (e.g. a grand or an upright) and how much you want to spend, but once you sit down at the keyboard are you able to play chopsticks or Mozart?

In many ways the implementation and customization of your LMS depends on the experience and the team configuring it and putting on the performance. With experience and training you can take something much  more elegant, and much more enjoyable. Working together, making that commitment, we can provide that environment for you.