Since 1997, Meridian Knowledge Solutions offers the Best in Breed Enterprise Learning Management Software solution. Designed from the ground up for business, not academics, make us the ideal LMS for companies in the manufacturing industry who train resellers, employees, contractors, customers, partners or other 3rd parties.

Clients such as the Mitsubishi Caterpillar Forklift and IEEE benefit from our:

Multiple Domains

Meridian is one of the only LMS vendors who can offer our clients a mature tenant separation and sharing infrastructure. This can allow a single instance of the software to serve the needs of different user populations. This can help centralize content, processes and reporting while partitioning users into unique learning portals configured to their specific needs.

UX Design

According to a study by Brandon Hall Group, 86% of corporations cited a complicated interface would cause them to switch their LMS. The Meridian LMS platform is designed by the corporation and LMS administrator. We offer ready-made templates or customizable HTML templates to give your LMS the look and feel that resonates for your learners. Ready-made templates include the ability to show recently added content, content the LMS Administrator wants to highlight and relevant feeds based on past behavior or content choices. Pure HTML templates enable you to have full control of your corporate branding and the ability to create relevant content based on the various learning users.

Custom Integration

Meridian Knowledge Solutions is one of the few LMS vendors that use our own staff for the implementation and integration process. Having the ability to customize the perfect learning technology structure can help you quickly scale and grow your training programs. Some of the other systems we help our clients integrate with include:

  • Customer relationship management (CRM)
  • Payment processor
  • Compliance platforms
  • Workforce Management
  • Enterprise resource planning (ERP)

Content Management

According to Brandon Hall Group, 45% of businesses with an extended enterprise model have a difficult time managing and developing content. 38% of those businesses lack the right type of technology to bridge that gap. To address those needs, Meridian gives our clients the true flexibility in uploading their own existing content. Our LMS supports the ability to upload videos, documents, PowerPoint, etc. We support the latest standards in eLearning such as SCORM, and Tin Can/xAPI. Our content management abilities include partnership integrations with other content providers such as OpenSesame, VIVID, and VADO.

Reporting and Tracking

Set custom in-depth reporting and dashboards or choose from some of the basic reports that come standard with the LMS platform. Leverage our xAPI capabilities to extract robust data for analysis, connecting actionable insights to crucial business decisions.

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