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Rapiscan Systems Selects Meridian Knowledge Solutions to Deliver an Extended Enterprise Solution

Reston, VA – February 23, 2022 – Meridian Knowledge Solutions is excited to deliver a learning management solution with eCommerce capabilities to Rapiscan Systems, Inc. (“Rapiscan Systems”). Rapiscan Systems needed a flexible and scalable solution to help manage and provide a more comprehensive training solution for their customers and partners. This solution will enhance and support Rapiscan Systems’ training program for their array of Non-Intrusive X-ray Systems.

Sean Osborne, SVP of Product and Growth Strategy, believes “…having Rapiscan Systems trust us as their learning platform of choice is a great match for our capabilities. We understood the importance extended learning and eCommerce played in shaping their training offerings. Our security and scalability abilities were also a great fit for helping them achieve their goals of continuous course offerings and future growth. We look forward to supporting their extended learning efforts to create new training and revenue channels.”

Rapiscan Systems’ leading X-Ray inspection and radiation detection systems aid customs officials, security personnel, and law enforcement to combat terrorism, drug and weapon smuggling, illegal immigration, and trade fraud. With their wide array of customers and learners in various fields, having a centralized training system will help them increase efficiencies. Dave Hack, SVP of Cargo Global Services for Rapiscan Systems, explained, “The ability to use eCommerce and leverage multiple domains will be key in delivering standardized training across different business lines. These features are critical to supporting our customers and future business growth.”

Rapiscan Systems was searching for an extended enterprise Learning Management System (LMS) solution to help them educate their customers about the features and functions of their products. Meridian Knowledge Solutions worked closely with their Cargo Global Services team to help tailor a solution that made sense for their business and would help them effortlessly scale for potential business expansion. Meridian Knowledge Solutions is looking forward to supporting Rapiscan Systems in building out its training programs and business capabilities.

About Rapiscan Systems
Rapiscan Systems, a subsidiary of OSI Systems, Inc., is a leading global provider of security inspection solutions and along with, AS&E and S2 Global brands, has more than 100,000 products and screening operations installed in over 150 countries. Rapiscan Systems has an extensive portfolio of Baggage and Parcel Inspection, Cargo and Vehicle Inspection, Hold Baggage Screening, People Screening, Trace Detection, Radiation Detection, Tray Return System and enhanced security solutions, which are supported by a global service network. Our screening solutions help secure ports, borders, military facilities, high-threat facilities, and checkpoints around the world to combat terrorism, drug smuggling, illegal immigration, and trade fraud. With our leading detection technology and industry experience, we meet demanding security requirements while offering customers outstanding value for their security inspection operations in trade, transport & events. For more information, visit

About Meridian Knowledge Solutions
Powering progress with compliance training, branded and blended learning environments, and eCommerce solutions. Meridian Learning Management System (LMS) addresses complex learning challenges for customers such as the U.S. Army, U.S. Secret Service, Commonwealth of Virginia, New York City, Johnson Controls, Abbott, HAI Group, and The Auto Club Group (AAA).

Our award-winning enterprise-level learning management platform contains our proprietary Learning Record Store (LRS), Career Explorer, content authoring tools, and natively integrates content provided by our partner OpenSesame. Meridian LMS is available in the cloud, on-premise, or private cloud. For more information, visit or follow @MeridianKS on Twitter.


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