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Meridian LMS Makes Training Easy Within the Construction Industry

It’s no secret that online learning offerings have been on the rise in the past few years. Hybrid learning allows many industries to offer flexible training conducted in-person or remotely to their internal and external learners. U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics shares 60% of work site injuries occur during a construction worker’s first year of employment. Formal initial training can mitigate this risk by addressing the mental and physical drain of the job functions themselves.

The Meridian LMS was recently named by SoftwareWorld in their 8 Best Learning Management Systems for Construction Industry in 2022. Meridian provides a flexible LMS for construction organizations to administer necessary safety and compliance training to their staff. Meridian LMS’ award-winning mobile capabilities allow workers to take their training when convenient for them while maximizing their time on the worksite.

In addition to hybrid learning, Meridian has robust multi-domain architecture bandwidth which allows construction organizations to deliver training to diverse learner populations. Not only does this allow training to be distributed to internal employees within an organization, but this extends to other external learner populations. Meridian LMS provides flexibility and the ability to offer training to those who are essential to the business while ensuring maximum security protocols are adhered to when training external learners. This is a cost-effective approach to offering training to multiple populations under one interface.

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