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Increase Credibility with your Brand

Multi-domain learning is a necessary capability to ensure that all employees, departments, and partners are trained for their specific needs. The Meridian LMS allows you to set up multiple custom domains, so each domain has distinct branding elements to establish an individualized look and feel for each audience. By giving multiple domains their own customized elements, a sense of brand consistency is felt amongst each portal.

Your branding was created for a reason and it’s important to keep that consistent voice across all channels, including your LMS. Conflicting messaging of your brand will leave your trainees confused and indirectly make them question their trust in your company. It has been determined that conflicting or inconsistent messaging creates a 56% loss in brand credibility.

The URL reflects your identity and falls in line with the rest of your business operations. Whether you’re selling content or simply delivering in-house training to your team, a custom LMS domain enhances credibility. You’ve given the content your stamp of approval because it’s featured on your URL. It also looks more professional than a subdomain. For example, you probably wouldn’t host an online store or landing page on a piggyback site. It may be designed/hosted on a blogging site to simplify the development process. However, people would think twice about purchasing if it’s not an independent URL reflective of your brand. The same holds for your employee training domain.

All your marketing and customer correspondence incorporates your branding. Shouldn’t your online training portal follow suit? Using the multi-domain function allows you to use logos, colors, and imagery catered to your trainees. Make sure you are putting your best face (and logo) forward!


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