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How to Modernize your Legacy Learning Management System

What is Legacy Modernization?

Technology is ever-evolving and rapidly changing. This can leave organizations with outdated technology and systems, sometimes 20 years old, that do not work correctly and cannot support the organization’s current needs. Oftentimes, because these systems do not have data-sharing capabilities, silos are created within organizations that make it difficult to evolve with the times. Thus, bottlenecks are formed.

Legacy systems are expensive to maintain, and approximately 60% of an organization’s IT budget is allotted to the upkeep of these systems. However, implementing technology upgrades across the enterprise can quickly become expensive. Introducing new technology can also come as a shock to employees, and some might not want to adapt to the changes, putting a damper on company culture.

Legacy modernization seeks to make essential technological changes to organizations while retaining the integrity and elements of older systems. It’s the process by which legacy systems within organizations are revamped and updated so they can integrate with new, robust technology. This is less costly than completely scrapping those legacy systems and allows for fluid communication between both systems. Because legacy systems are integrated with new technologies, they are more secure than they could ever be on their own.


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