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The Importance of Upskilling and Lifelong Learning in the Manufacturing Industry

The Manufacturing Industry has experienced a substantial change in recent years with the advancement of technology. The ground floor is becoming increasingly digitized with new sensors, cameras, and robotics. As a result, this digital advancement has opened the door for further employee training, lifelong learning, and skill development.  

Upskilling to Address Worker Demand 

Digitization within the manufacturing industry has caused a concerning shortage of workers due to a lack of expertise or skill proficiency. Manufacturing organizations must prioritize upskilling their current workforce to compensate for the rapid changes and demand for workers within the industry. Training material that addresses the technical aspects of the occupation, such as programming and being able to operate machinery and data analytics, will increase employee retention and confidence within the role. Additionally, upskilling employees is an avenue that can lead to cost savings and more efficient and productive employees.  

Certifications for Skill Tracking 

Another critical component of upskilling employees is the ability to record all training completed. Certifications are a tangible way for organizations to see what coursework effectively impacts the workforce, the time taken to completion, and what valuable skills they are gaining. Certifications could also give manufacturing companies insight into what skills they should prioritize, and which ones may be lacking.  

The evolution of technology and demand for workers within the manufacturing industry has highlighted the importance of upskilling and lifelong learning for workers. Manufacturing companies should offer their employees the opportunity to develop their knowledge and skills regularly, leading to higher employee satisfaction, productivity, and organizational competitiveness.  


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