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How To Incorporate Learning Into The Flow Of Work

A common misconception about training is that learners must sit down and complete large chunks of training all at once. Successful training can have many different faces, although it all comes down to how well the learners retained their knowledge and if they can apply it to their daily activities. One of the most beneficial ways to ensure learners stay up to date on their skills is by integrating learning into day-to-day activities. Learning should not only be completed when it’s necessary. Instead, it should incorporate learning into the daily work that employees undergo. This learning process is commonly referred to as microlearning, allowing learners to engage with information broken down into topical, bite-sized chunks.

Ideas of how to incorporate learning into the flow of work:

• Utilize short eLearning modules

• Introduce PDFs, eBooks, videos, and infographics

• Make use of webinars and podcasts

• Take advantage of mobile learning

In addition to microlearning, just-in-time (JIT) training acts as on-demand learning that follows microlearning and mobile learning principles.

As the name suggests, just-in-time training is usually implemented when there is some level of urgency involved. For this reason, JIT training is available via mobile devices and presented in bite-sized pieces to provide quick and efficient learning on the go.

Key benefits of JIT training:

• Higher accessibility

• Increased employee efficiency

• Enhanced knowledge retention


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