Extended Enterprise

The Benefits of Extended Enterprise Training

The purpose of extended enterprise training is to extend training to those outside the organization, making processes more efficient rather than being a burden. A robust learning management system (LMS) allows for a diverse population of learners to have access to relevant training under one interface.

Below are several ways to leverage extended enterprise training to experience the benefits within your organization:

1. Accessibility for Remote Learners
The LMS should have the ability to create customizable learning environments through multi-domains. Multi-domains allow for personalized course material recommendations for users in different organizations, departments, or roles. Additionally, it is crucial to have an LMS that can offer training to remote learners. With the deployment of hybrid and remote learning options, this allows organizations to reach larger audiences and have a greater impact beyond internal employees. Personalized content and flexible modalities will keep all learners engaged, improve productivity, and achieve business goals.

2. Reduce Costs Through Eliminating Outsourcing
Not all LMS’ are created equally and can offer a wide range of functionalities. This is why most organizations have more than one LMS or may resort to outsourcing their training programs. Seeking training programs from external sources can result in many challenges for the organization such as absence of relevant training, culture differences, or lack of employee buy-in. Having an LMS that offers multi domain capabilities allows for personalized and relevant training programs for various departments internal and external to an organization.

3. Customer Engagement & Increased Revenue
By training additional populations that are outside of your immediate organization, learners are informed about your product or service. When customers and partners are more knowledgeable about your service, you increase the credibility of your brand and these customers can advocate for your company more naturally. When common goals are established, customers become more engaged, and your organization has a larger chance of increasing revenue.

It is crucial for organizations to consider the value of extending training to those who are outside of the organization. In doing so, this can reach a larger audience of learners through one user-friendly interface, can ultimately reduce costs that may be associated with outsourcing, and can increase customer engagement and source of revenue.


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